Loving God. Loving our neighbor.

Less Annoyance, More Overlooking

Scotty Smith

Fools show their annoyance at once. Prov. 12:16

A person’s wisdom yields patience; it is to one’s glory to overlook an offense. Prov. 19:11

Lord Jesus, it’s a good thing there’s no condemnation remaining for our sins, because these Scriptures surely convict me. As I own my penchant for letting things “bug” me, I’m thankful that you’re the consummate “Overlooker.” It’s not that you don’t take our stuff seriously. But as our Savior and righteousness, you are very forbearing, forgiving, and patient with us. Thank you.

This side of glorification, I don’t really expect to be annoyance-free. But, of course, the gospel is big enough to help me get less irritated more often. And, certainly, the gospel is powerful enough to help me repent quicker when I let bad traffic, loud talkers, long lines, poor service, late appointments, delayed flights, ungrateful people, slow wi-fi, high humidity, (I wish that was all) to irritate me and rob me of joy and peace.

Jesus, give me grace and wisdom to know what to take seriously and what to overlook. Give me big-heartedness and thick-skin-ness. I don’t want to keep a record of annoying things done around me or to me. I don’t want to hold onto slights, barbs, or hurtful comments. No good can come from that. It’s just crickets making noise.

In fact, Jesus, help me be more aware of when I’m the one being annoying or irritating to others. Convict me when my sense of humor, lack of awareness or emotional intelligence, lead to someone else’s discomfort or annoyance. Help me steward my words, personality, body language, and freedom. Help me to give others fewer reasons to need this prayer. So very Amen I pray, in your loving and kind name.

Less Annoyance, More Overlooking