Loving God. Loving our neighbor.

Vision Statement

Our Vision Statement

Christ Reformed Presbyterian Church in Laurel, MD, will be known as a place where the gospel is preached and lived: We will enjoy Christ centered worship and preaching that glorifies God, builds up the body of Christ and speaks to the hearts of believers.  We will be a thriving congregation made up of a diverse mix of groups, including youth, young adults, singles, young families, and older adults.  We will attract people of God from every nation, tribe, people, and tongue (Rev 7:9).  We will have a unified and diverse body having love for each other, while serving those in the surrounding community.

CRPC will regularly engage in special prayer and fasting to seek renewal from the Lord: CRPC congregants will come together regularly with invitees, friends, community members, and others to seek the Lord’s face in prayer.  It is often during these special times of prayer that His people experience breakthroughs and wonderful blessings.  CRPC will be a place where people can come to seek the Lord during times of trouble (Psalm 50:15).

CRPC will focus on building a youth group strongly grounded in the gospel: Our youth program will provide a strong biblical foundation and fellowship for our youth.  They will have opportunities to participate in community outreach efforts through service activities and other avenues for engagement (Proverbs 22:6).

CRPC will nurture, support, and grow our young adults: Our young adult small group will be an encouraging and supportive environment.  We will offer a wide variety of activities for young adults to fellowship with each other, encourage our youth, and interact with our older members.

CRPC will minister to those needing companionship and compassion: CRPC will establish a care/mercy ministry team to meet the practical and spiritual needs of singles, widows, divorced, single parents, and the aged to ensure that the entire body is cared for.

CRPC will have strong, energized, and impactful ministries to the community: The Lord has given CRPC our building in the city of Laurel to serve Him.  We will build relationships with our neighbors through outreach to get to know them and offer the gospel of Christ.  As a visible expression of the unity of the church we will connect with other local churches from different denominations to meet people’s spiritual and practical needs and give them hope in Christ.

CRPC will seek local, national, and international opportunities for mission work: We will partner with other churches and Christian organizations to communicate the gospel and provide support and relief to communities in need in the United States and other countries.