Loving God. Loving our neighbor.

Meetings and Ministries

Given the pace of modern life, especially in the Metro DC/Baltimore corridor, we believe that it is important to keep things simple, to “major on the [scriptural] majors,” and to do a few things well rather than many things poorly. Consequently, we have relatively few programs.

The Pastor and elders provide the congregation’s spiritual oversight, and our deacons oversee its various physical needs.

We encourage all members to make time daily for personal Bible reading and prayer, and also to worship together as households during the week.

We encourage our members to keep the Sabbath holy, a vital part of which is public corporate worship, so our primary congregational meetings are our Lord’s Day worship services. Both services include singing, prayer, and the preaching of God’s Word, but each is also distinctive. Our 10:00 AM service culminates with an opportunity to renew our covenant with God at the Lord’s Table; the more fellowship-oriented 6:00 PM service includes a time for personal testimonies and extended congregational prayer. Children are welcome in our worship services, but we also provide a nursery (aged two and under) and a “crying/nursing area” where parents can watch and listen with their children without disturbing others.

During the school year we provide a Sunday school for all ages after the morning worship service, and every Lord’s Day we offer a brief period of music instruction before the evening worship service. We also have regular, monthly meetings for men, women, and teens, a monthly seniors’ ministry, along with bi-monthly fellowship meals and other opportunities for study and fellowship.

Strong families are vital to the church and society, so we encourage married members and those with children to make biblical family relationships a high priority. We also welcome singles warmly, but encourage their integration not their segregation within our church family.

By way of witness we stress being salt and light through faithfulness in our various callings, e.g., spouse; parent/child; church member; citizen; and employee. We also encourage personal evangelism with those in our personal spheres of influence and by local outreach activities. Finally, we seek to support Christ’s Great Commission by praying for and giving to world missions—and by sending and going as the Lord leads.