Loving God. Loving our neighbor.

Berdj Tchilingurian

Reverend Berdj Tchilinguirian was born in Cairo, Egypt.  At the age of 7, he immigrated to New York with his family.  Raised in the Armenian Orthodox Church, he went to church every Sunday, where later in life he was ordained as a Deacon.

Throughout his formative and teen years, he was exposed to songs sung to Jesus and to the Triune God; the Word of God was read and sung, and there were pictures depicting the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.  However, the gospel had not been clearly and effectively proclaimed.

When he was in high school, a young Baptist boy told him that He would be going to hell if he didn’t repent and believe in Jesus.  He didn’t want to go to hell, but he also didn’t want to give up his sinful life. So, he prayed to receive Christ as his savior (but not his Lord).

About two decades later he was invited to a bible-believing church that faithfully proclaimed the gospel.  It was while in bed, counting the popcorn on his ceiling, that the Holy Spirit opened his eyes to his sinfulness and need of a savior.  That savior that took his place was Jesus.  He believed on him and him alone for his salvation that night.  From that point on Jesus was not only his savior but also Lord.

Reverend Tchilinguirian’ s most recent call was in Texas where he served as Associate Pastor of Shepherding and Visitation (his responsibilities have included assimilation, small groups, and Men’s ministry) since 2010.

Berdj received his BBA from Bernard Baruch College, City University of New York in 1988, his MBA from Florida Atlantic University in 1999, and his Master of Divinity from Knox Theological Seminary in Fort Lauderdale Florida in 2004. He has served as Pastor of Assimilation and Discipleship at First Presbyterian Church in Margate/Coral Springs, Florida and as Biblical/Pastoral Counselor at First Church West’s Living Waters Counseling Center in Sunrise, Florida.    Berdj is married to Jennie, and they have four children.